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Oakstrom Advisors

New name and brand for a growing team of capital market advisors

The Challenge
The Vincic Advisors’ brand (now Oakstrom Advisors) no longer reflected the breadth and depth of the company’s capabilities and expertise. Previously, the brand relied on the reputation of a single individual, and his involvement in every project and aspect of the business was expected. As the team continues to grow and its reach expands, the company needs to compete globally and trade on the expertise and reputation of the entire team, not solely on that of its founder.

The Solution
A rebrand, including a new name, to position the company as a leader in investor relations communications and to broadcast an image of stability and expertise.

Our team developed a new name and brand highlighting the expertise and reach of the entire team. Oakstrom Advisors is a strong and memorable compound name – merging two familiar words to create a new one. Oak (a majestic and stable tree) and ström (a Germanic word meaning stream) reflect the solid expertise and fluid execution the team is known for. The acorn logo symbol directly references the oak tree and alludes to the firm’s future growth.

Our team defined a brand photography style and art-directed a team photoshoot. Photography by Denise Militzer

The new name and brand were applied consistently across all internal and external collateral to build brand awareness and trust in the new brand.

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