European Design Inspiration

Travel, they say, is the fuel for a creative mind.


Travel, they say, is the fuel for a creative mind, and we couldn't agree more! Earlier this year, our team embarked on a journey through Europe, a much-needed respite after spending years confined indoors with only house plants for company. Our desire was to reconnect with cherished travel destinations and explore new horizons, all in the pursuit of fresh perspectives.

In the spring, we found ourselves immersed in the enchanting wonders of Scotland, captivated by the stories etched into its historic castles. We then meandered through the effortless elegance of Paris, basking in the city's artistic essence. And in Belgium, we surrendered to temptation, savouring an array of chocolates that transcended taste and featured beautiful packaging.

With the arrival of summer, our wanderlust beckoned us to The Netherlands, Portugal, and Bulgaria. We ventured into cosmopolitan hubs and idyllic towns, witnessing the evolution of design in urban and rural settings. Our fascination lay in the fusion of folklore patterns with modern design, bridging the rich tapestry of the past with the innovation of the future.

Throughout our travels, we captured moments through the lens and collected captivating stories that now serves as reference material and source of inspiration for our work. These experiences add depth and narrative into our projects, making them more captivating and relatable.

We invite you to take a glimpse into our curated collection of travel adventures, in the hope that it sparks your own wellspring of creativity!

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