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Creating a Thanksgiving tradition

The Challenge
Our longstanding client, Halmyre, approached us with a challenge to create a distinctive promotional piece that celebrates and promotes gratitude. The concept of gratitude holds a significant place for the Halmyre team, and as a result, they decided to observe Thanksgiving as their official company holiday.

The Solution
What started out as a humble gesture of appreciation towards clients, partners and suppliers has evolved into an annual tradition of creativity and joy. Over the past few years, our team has collaborated with Halmyre to create a unique piece for Thanksgiving designed not only to express thanks but also to encourage the sharing of gratitude.

This campaign aimed to encourage an “attitude of gratitude” by providing custom-designed kiss-cut stickers that can be placed on personal items that are frequently used. Accompanying the stickers was a personalized card and mailer. Halmyre also used social media badges throughout the season to express gratitude towards partners and clients.

Amidst the pandemic, the campaign was characterized by a “5-day gratitude challenge” which encouraged individuals to express their appreciation either by sharing messages of gratitude online or by leaving small cards on their colleagues’ desks to welcome them when they returned to the office. The cards included a QR code that revealed a delightful, animated message of thanks and admiration.

Our team created a set of custom-illustrated postcards featuring greetings in five different languages. Each illustration was inspired by the language on the card and conveyed a message of appreciation and happiness. Recipients were encouraged to send a card to someone they appreciate but haven’t connected with in a while.

As part of the gratitude campaign, five custom illustrated thank you cards were created, each with a unique typographic treatment. The cards celebrate the small things that we are grateful for in each other. Recipients of the cards were encouraged to spread the spirit of gratitude by sending a card to others.

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