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Meaty Eats

For the foodies and food-curious

The Challenge
Meaty Eats started as a retail outlet offering artisanal pre-seasoned meat products that expanded into a gourmet market with a mission to enrich every dining experience. As the company grew and expanded its offerings, the brand had to evolve while staying true to Meaty Eats’s philosophy of using quality ingredients and innovative flavours.

The Solution
When we created the Meaty Eats logo as fun interpretation of a brand iron, the company’s sole focus was on artisanal meat products. The opening of the second store location marked the evolution of the brand, now featuring a curated selection of groceries, a prepared food section, a bakery, and a specialty butcher counter. Customers can now consult with the Master butcher, take cooking classes, and explore new products.

Our team transformed the brand into a community for the foodie and the food-curious. We shifted the focus from meat products to food experiences by encouraging customers to experiment with ingredients, indulge their senses, and discover new flavours. A typographic tapestry was crafted to convey these messages and link them to the Meaty Eats logo.

The updated colour palette includes more sophisticated tones inspired by the market's interior. The Meaty Meats wordmark is now used as a stamp of quality inviting clients to experience artisanal products.

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The Meaty Eats brand system is designed to seamlessly integrate with the upscale store interior while maintaining the playful and lively characteristics needed for marketing materials.

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