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Creating team culture from day one

The Challenge
Halmyre, a marketing company with a fully remote team, needed a way to onboard new employees and provide a glimpse of the Halmyre culture before the new hire could meet the team in person. Since most team interactions happen online, the desire was to create a physical welcome package that would be used daily and serve as a reminder of what the team is working towards.

The Solution
Through conversations with the founder of Halmyre, our team designed a custom-illustrated book capturing the spirit and philosophy of the company. Part onboarding manual and part cultural manifesto, the little blue book welcomes new team members and instructs them in the Halmyre way of collaborating with teammates and clients.

The book is divided into several sections addressing the company’s vision and values, describing the Halmyre way of working and providing a note-taking section to capture employee’s questions and ideas. Custom brand illustrations were used to bring to life key messages and highlight the path forward. The artwork reflected the brand style previously developed by our team.

A PowerPoint deck based on the book was developed to be presented to clients as a quick introduction to the team and philosophy of the company.Thoughtful, branded welcome gifts were designed and procured to share with new employees and clients.

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